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Indices are another in-demand trading asset. An index measures the performance of a group of stocks, bonds, or other assets. By trading indices, you can gain exposure to a wide range of assets without buying them individually. Most index trading is done with financial derivatives like CFDs. This makes it an ideal way to diversify your portfolio and manage risk.

Why trade indices?

Wider exposure

With one position, you get access to entire economies or industries instead of multiple trades across several companies.

Lower transaction costs

Trading indices can be done through a single trade that reduces the transaction costs when buying and selling individual assets.


Trading indices suggests investing in various assets without managing a large portfolio, making monitoring your investments easier.

Risk management

Extra diversification helps spread the risk across different assets, which minimises losses in case of a downturn in any asset.

Higher returns

Index trading suggests higher returns compared to individual stocks or other assets. It helps to capture the growth potential of entire sectors or markets.


Indices allow you to go long or short. You can buy the market believing it will rise, or you can sell it, making a profit from changing prices.

Why choose Threshold-Technologies  for trading indices?

Superior trading conditions

The Threshold-Technologies  platform offers extensive trading opportunities.

Choice of indices

Threshold-Technologies  offers a good selection of indices to choose from.


A simple, intuitive interface streamlines index trading.

Leveraged trading

The benefits of index trading with a minimal invested capital.